23 - 25 June 2019 06/23/2019 06:00 AM 06/25/2019 10:00 AM America/Los_Angeles AOGC 2019 FORGING A NEW ENERGY FUTURE Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
The Asia Oil & Gas Conference (AOGC) is Asia’s most premier and anticipated oil & gas event. It is a platform where energy professionals and industry shapers gather and engage in strategic discussions to identify solutions in propelling the industry forward. 

Since its inception in 1996, the AOGC series has delivered high quality conference content, vibrant exhibition marketplace and conducive networking experiences unsurpassed by any other oil & gas event in the region. 

The 20th edition of AOGC will be held from 23 – 25 JUNE 2019 as the oil and gas fraternity reconvenes to propel and steer the industry into the future.
  • Strategic platform to forge business partnerships and explore future prospects
  • Mingle and collaborate with renowned figures in the industry
  • Showcase your innovative products and expertise to key industry players
  • Gain valuable insights and knowledge from industry leaders and experts
  • Acquire greater brand exposure amongst the top industry players
Oil & Gas Key Decision Makers, Top Management Executives, Industry Experts, Engineers, Operators, Traders and Managers.
Global energy demand will continue to increase, driven by rising population, urbanisation and growing affluence, particularly in Asia. In ensuring access to energy for all, the world population will have to increasingly rely on all forms of energy – from the conventional oil and gas, to the renewable energy sources. Oil and gas, however, will remain dominant, accounting for more than half of the global primary energy mix in decades to come. 

Multiple challenges continue to beset the energy industry. Ensuring energy access that is affordable, reliable and sustainable is a challenge confronting every country. Amidst the rising need for energy, future supplies are becoming costlier, more difficult to access and located in areas far away from demand centres. Growing population in developing countries is being hampered from access to energy amidst rising protectionism and geopolitical instability. Without basic access to energy, clean and affordable energy is a pipe dream for many. 

The global energy landscape is now going through structural changes. Climate change goals have triggered the transition towards greener, cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, and technological breakthroughs are needed to decarbonise the energy sector. To accelerate the transition, collaboration and partnership are key in opening up new channels to develop innovative solutions and find new approaches. 

Forging a new energy future is a journey that starts with collaborative approach within and outside of the industry, and the agility to respond to the increasing and needs would ensure that the oil and gas industry will remain competitive and relevant.
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